Critical analysis of the god stealer

Development[ edit ] Initially, Vishal Bhardwaj and Shahid Kapoor were in talks of making a sequel to their blockbuster film, Kaminey Though Gulzar liked the synopsis but enquired Bhardwaj of the missing tragedy of Hamlet in the penned thriller.

Critical analysis of the god stealer

Saturday, December 15, The God Stealer: Sionil Jose's other novels concentrates on the debilitating effect of the colonial rule in the Filipino identity formation.

Philip Ip-pig now lives in Manila against the wishes of his immediate family, particularly his grandfather who intended to bequeth to Philip his share of the famous rice terraces.

They are on their way to Baguio for one purpose: Sam wants to buy a genuine Ifugao god as souvenir and Philip was to help him find an authentic one through his local connections.

Philip is a Christian who no longer has any respect or affection for the Ifugao customs and religion. He considers himself a city boy and has no inclination to return to mountain life. Despite this attitude, his grandfather is pleased to see him and decides to throw a big party in his honor.

On the day of the party, Sam and Philip discover that no Ifugao is willing to sell his god. And as a last resort, Philip offers to steal the god of his grandfather because he feels it would be his way of showing his gratitude to Sam for giving him a rise at work. The consequences of this act are severe.

The next day, his grandfather died because he discovered that his god was stolen. He also informs Sam that Philip will no longer be going back to Manila. Curious, Sam looks for Philip and find him working in his grandfather's house.

Philip poignantly explains his reasons for choosing to stay in the mountains: But the old man- he had always been wise, Sam. He knew that it was I who did it from the very start. He wanted so much to believe that it wasn't I.

But he couldn't pretend - and neither can I. I killed him, Sam. I killed him because I wanted to be free from these. Because I wanted to be grateful. I killed him who loved me most. In the dark hut, Sam noticed that Philip is now attired in G-string, the traditional costume of the Ifugao. Furthermore, Philip is busy carving another idol, a new god to replace the old one which Sam will take to America as a souvenir.

Philip's repudiation of his Ifugao heritage may be extrapolated to mean that Filipino's rejection of his own roots and its replacement with colonial values.

Thus is it the Filipino gave up his most precious symbol of his past traditions to the Americans as an expression of gratitude? And by giving this symbol away, the Filipino murders his own roots. Again, we see Jose's thesis: The colonial culture has been a negative force in the Philippine History and hence, the tru Filipino is the tribal Filipino, or the poor Filipino least touched by colonial culture.

Jose presents the Filipino as confused, emotionally disturbed and helpless, plagued by the fact that he repudiated his past, or that he could not do anything to help the suffering. Symbolic of the foreigner's exploitation and imperialistic ambitions on the Filipino.The process is part of Client Server Runtime Process of Microsoft.

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God Stealer Analysis. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed. Share. Print. Related titles. A Glimpse of the Life of an Ifugao as Depicted in the Text “The God Stealer” From that moment. face Sam. Discussion of the given literary text as mirror of the issues at hand 1.

Comprehensive reporting of the various aspects of the issue D.2/5(1). The God Stealer opens with two characters from America who are now travelling to the Cordilleras. One character, Sam Christie is an American with a penchant for collecting souvenirs, such as “A Grecian urn, a Japanese sword, a Siamese mask”.

Miss T Sep 26 am A slow start but once you got into the story it was a good watch. Park Hye-soo is so loveable. Superb acting by her. God Stealer by Francisco Sionil Jose enumerate the three dominant themes of this story and explain?

Critical analysis of the god stealer

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