Erin brockovich leadership style


Related Abstract Leadership style has a substantial impact on the operations of any business.

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The Simpsons Movie Erin Brockovich comes across a concealed case of corporate malfeasance and wishes to galvanize the community members in taking action against an awesomely powerful force. As a leader, Brockovich demonstrates some distinct traits.


This essay examines the movie Erin Brokovich in an effort to identify the strengths and weaknesses associated with the transactional and transformational forms of leadership.

The literature examined in this study illustrated the concept that successful leadership is a combination of components that rests on many separate traits. This study will be of value to any person studying leadership theory.

Examining the role of both Ms Brokovich and her attorney Ed Masry as the plot of the story develops demonstrates the wide array of influence that the differing styles of leadership had both on the case at hand and further proceedings based on similar circumstances.

The area of transformational leadership, or the proactive approach employed by Ms Brokovich will be examined in order to identify the benefits and detriments of the straight forward approach Gardner and Laskin, With a brief comparison illustrating the differences and values of each method this essay will close with an evaluation of impact.

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In the end this essay will have considered the transactional and transformational forms of leadership with the stated goal of illustrating the benefits and detriments associated with each approach.

During this process of leadership, there are several different methods that are cited to produce solid results, which in turn produce identifiable management trends Abrahamson and Eisenman, Smircich and Morgan argue that certain styles of leadership emphasize the right or obligation of one person to provide direction for others.

In every case the style of leadership utilized makes a significant impact on the company or project Peters and Austin, This essay focuses on the transformational and the transactional forms of leadership as demonstrated in the movie Erin Brokovich This description is one method of illustrating the visionary elements that comprise the transformational form of leadership.

Transformational leadership is defined by the capacity of the individual to not only engage with the issues at hand, but convince others around them that there is a genuine cause for continued effort Northouse, Some researchers identify elements of this approach as a form of Charismatic leadership that is fraught with potential harm to the company Ouimet, As with the main character, Erin Brokovich, her qualities of women leadership exude confidence and unwavering ambition, serves to provide those around her with a sense of purpose and direction Gardner, Further her aspect of altruism helps her to reach out to others Ouimet, Not only has the leadership created a potential future but this person has provided a reason for the effort Northouse, This sense of purpose is credited with driving the agenda for any project under this form of leadership.

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As with Ms Brokovich the character, the transactional leader brings a form of intuition and basic enthusiasm to the table, which in turn fuels the entire effort Schoemaker, Krupp, Howland, There is no sense during the movie of a form of servant leadership; Ms Brokovich was centre on her goals, excluding any diversions Schoemaker et al, Coupled with the gender gap that Ms Brokovich contends with throughout the movie, there is a real sense of her having to fight for every single effort Virick and Greer, However there is a perception that there is no correct situational leadership style leading to success, it is a combination of factors coupled with Ms Brokovich personal drive Virick et al, A distinct detriment involved with the transformational approach outlined by Golemans leadership theory as clearly demonstrated by Erin Brokovich, was the headstrong opinionated statement of ideals regardless of the surroundings.

As was the case when Ms Brokovich spoke her mind in the courtroom and lost her accident claim, there is very real potential to harm an on-going effort with a poorly founded assertion. Yet, there cannot be a turning away from a potential issue through the advent of fearing failure McCullough, As in the model Simon outlined there is a rational model that allows for the person to choose the best alternative.

The uncovering of these links led to a transformation of the case from a routine operation to a case that yielded substantial gain and reparations for every party involved.

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As the Ann Brown evidence demonstrated knowledge is critical for progress. The process of critical thinking directly leads to higher forms of literacy and argumentation as well as sophistication Brown, Transformational leaders have the capacity to invoke charisma and personal attributes in order to attain their goal Goleman, Utilizing at least some feminine wiles, Ms Brokovich was able to convince the keeper of the county water records to not only allow her unfettered access, but extended her every personal nicety possible.

This quality of contact and ability to connect with those involved most closely with the case provided further opportunities for this form transformational leadership to play a pivotal role Goleman, It was the personal outreach of Ms Brokovich that enabled the initial claimants to realize the connection between the water company and the sicknesses that that family was experiencing.

The stimulation that Ms Brokovich provided allowed the pieces of the puzzle to come together in such a manner that the truth could emerge Gardner, This demonstration of continued research and determination is a critical element of the transformational approach to leadership.

Others cite the high instances of failure due to the lack of support offered to potential leaders during crises Lawerence, There is an innate instinct to choose a successful leader, and a person that does not consistently show wise decision making can rapidly lose their following.Erin was a typical single mother just trying to find her path in life when she was involved in a serious car accident and hired a man by the name of Ed Masry as her lawyer.

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Erin brockovich leadership style

For thirty-seven days after the disputed presidential election of , we watched great theater, as George W Bush and Al Gore slugged it out in the swamp. For example, they care about the needs and wants of the community members, holding an organization or people accountable for irresponsible and unethical behaviors toward others (Socially Responsible Leadership)Key facts of movieWith a starring Julia Roberts, Albert Finny, Aaron Eckhart and Peter Coyote, Erin Brockovich was released in by.

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Erin brockovich leadership style

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