Evaluation of lack of morale from

Houston boasts one of the better urban public school systems in the United States, along with possibly the best charter school sector in the nation. Houston incubated the nationally successful KIPP charter schools, the regionally successful Harmony schools, and the less heralded—but highly effective—YES Prep public schools.

Evaluation of lack of morale from

For additional information on the differences between outcomes and impacts, including lists of potential EE outcomes and impacts, see MEERA's Outcomes and Impacts page. What makes a good evaluation? A well-planned and carefully executed evaluation will reap more benefits for all stakeholders than an evaluation that is thrown together hastily and retrospectively.

Though you may feel that you lack the time, resources, and expertise to carry out an evaluation, learning about evaluation early-on and planning carefully will help you navigate the process. MEERA provides suggestions for all phases of an evaluation.

But before you start, it will help to review the following characteristics of a good evaluation list adapted from resource formerly available through the University of Sussex, Teaching and Learning Development Unit Evaluation Guidelines and John W.

Leadership Competencies Or do you find getting good work from them like pulling teeth?

Evans' Short Course on Evaluation Basics: Good evaluation is tailored to your program and builds on existing evaluation knowledge and resources. Your evaluation should be crafted to address the specific goals and objectives of your EE program.

However, it is likely that other environmental educators have created and field-tested similar evaluation designs and instruments. Rather than starting from scratch, looking at what others have done can help you conduct a better evaluation.

Good evaluation is inclusive.

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It ensures that diverse viewpoints are taken into account and that results are as complete and unbiased as possible. Input should be sought from all of those involved and affected by the evaluation such as students, parents, teachers, program staff, or community members. One way to ensure your evaluation is inclusive is by following the practice of participatory evaluation.

Good evaluation is honest.

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Evaluation results are likely to suggest that your program has strengths as well as limitations. Your evaluation should not be a simple declaration of program success or failure.

Evaluation of lack of morale from

Evidence that your EE program is not achieving all of its ambitious objectives can be hard to swallow, but it can also help you learn where to best put your limited resources. Good evaluation is replicable and its methods are as rigorous as circumstances allow. A good evaluation is one that is likely to be replicable, meaning that someone else should be able to conduct the same evaluation and get the same results.

The higher the quality of your evaluation design, its data collection methods and its data analysis, the more accurate its conclusions and the more confident others will be in its findings. How do I make evaluation an integral part of my program?

Making evaluation an integral part of your program means evaluation is a part of everything you do. You design your program with evaluation in mind, collect data on an on-going basis, and use these data to continuously improve your program.

Developing and implementing such an evaluation system has many benefits including helping you to: Couple evaluation with strategic planning. As you set goals, objectives, and a desired vision of the future for your program, identify ways to measure these goals and objectives and how you might collect, analyze, and use this information.

This process will help ensure that your objectives are measurable and that you are collecting information that you will use.

Strategic planning is also a good time to create a list of questions you would like your evaluation to answer. Revisit and update your evaluation plan and logic model See Step 2 to make sure you are on track. Update these documents on a regular basis, adding new strategies, changing unsuccessful strategies, revising relationships in the model, and adding unforeseen impacts of an activity EMI, Build an evaluation culture by rewarding participation in evaluation, offering evaluation capacity building opportunities, providing funding for evaluation, communicating a convincing and unified purpose for evaluation, and celebrating evaluation successes.The Effect of Performance Evaluations on Employee Morale; The fact that the staff nurse felt the nurse manager's comments seemed "out of the blue" attests to this lack of communication.

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As a result the level of stress and anxiety of the staff nurse has been heightened due to a lack of trust, and communication between the two, which did not. The Root Causes of Low Employee Morale; • Lack of Commitment—ambiguity • Avoidance of Accountability—low standards • Inattention to Results—caused by individual status and ego issues.

In the absence of trust, morale is at its lowest and self protectionism becomes the rule. Typical evaluation criteria for these teams include job-specific competencies, leadership competencies, employee morale and productivity.

If team members lack the appropriate skills, you can. Lack of motivation. Though motivation and morale are closely related concepts, they are different in following ways: While motivation is an internal-psychological drive of an individual which urges him to behave in a specific manner, morale is .

Case Study: Evaluation and Morale An effective and productive performance evaluation is an opportunity for a health care manager and his/her staff to identify expectations, establish goals, give reinforcements for jobs well done, and identify areas that have opportunities for improvement.

Report cites leadership, morale concerns at fire department 1 of 5 Ann Wall, Greenville City Manager, left, and Eric Griffin, Chief of Greenville Fire .

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