Flint michigan essay

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Flint michigan essay

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But first, how did this disaster happen? Watch the Flint town hall at 9 p. The Flint Water Crisis: The new water source is expected to be available in three years. April 25, The city begins using water from the Flint River until the pipeline from Lake Huron can be completed.

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May Complaints about the new water start coming in from local residents. The residents of Flint still have to drink the river water. Environmental Protection Agency tells Michigan officials that the chemistry of the river water means contaminants from pipes, including lead, are leaching into the water system.

Flint michigan essay

April 2, Flint tells its residents it has flunked the Safe Drinking Water Act again because of the disinfectants. Snyder announces the state will buy water filters and test lead in schools.

Flint michigan essay

Within a week, he recommends that Flint go back to using water from Detroit. The Department of Justice opens an investigation into the issue. Snyder calls out to the National Guard to distribute bottled water and filters in Flint.

Officials reveal a spike in cases, including 10 deaths, after the city started using river water. A logistical, financial and health nightmare As officials search for short-term fixes and long-term answers, Flint residents are living like refugees — with no timetable for returning to normal.Our nation as seen its fair share of environmental scandals.

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This sample environmental science essay explores the drinking water crisis plaguing Flint, Michigan.5/5(3). An Analysis of Up in Michigan Essay - An Analysis of Up in Michigan My choosing this story for an analysis is based on what I think is the very American feeling there is to this short story.

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Essay Flint, Michigan A strong culture is one that has dependency upon itself along with outside resources. The economy is hard if nearly impossible to predict, and this puts severe strain on a community that is dependent on one employer.

Toward the end of last year, headlines blared news of the high levels of lead turning up in the blood of children in Flint, Michigan, a struggling industrial suburb of benjaminpohle.com coverage hewed closely to what had caused the problems in Flint itself—a switch in its water supplies, and the political and cost-saving machinations that drove that decision.

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