Good old country people pride is stronger

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Good old country people pride is stronger

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Although the giant TV screens around the political centre were disappointingly blank, huge crowds spilled into the Wanfujing shopping district in the north and the swanky Qianmen boulevard to the south, drawn by the promise of celebratory fireworks. Old laobaixing - common folk - in vest and shorts mixed with peasants visiting from the countryside of Anhui, Henan and Inner Mongolia, and at least one student with a Mohican.

Many sported I heart China T-shirts, red national flags, face stickers and bandanas with the slogan that has become the chant of Zhongguo Jiayou Add Fuel China! Today, the crowd said it had a different meaning: Ask people what they are celebrating and the main answer is a better life and the chance to show the world how much China has changed.

Three decades since the country began its reform policy, the laobaixing can now enjoy a lifestyle that was unimaginable for past generations. On a low wall on a back street, Jiang Minfu is taking a breather between fireworks after travelling further than ever before in his life. The year-old farmer arrived in Beijing only two days earlier from Sichuan, where he said the recent devastating earthquake had claimed far fewer lives than the famines of his youth.

The change has been huge. We used to have oil lamps, now we have electricity.

A bit of history

Wearing a Kappa top, Nike trainers and several gold rings, the year-old boasts that the family now have a big home and several apartments that they rent out. Bright future "Coming to the Olympics is a chance in a years.

Even though the earthquake destroyed many houses, I felt confident in my heart because our economy is good and I have enough money to bring my father and daughter to Beijing. We are hard-working and united so I believe things will get even better than they are now.


They are wealthier, more globalised and far more connected to the rest of the world by technology. When we finally find a screen showing the opening ceremony, it is just four inches wide. Cai Xiqing, a year-old, shares a peek at her mobile phone TV.

There were few foreigners in the crowd, but those that turned up said the atmosphere was welcoming.

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People are very proactive about welcoming us," said Di Kendall, from Nottingham, bedecked in a union flag, who travelled to Beijing with a friend on the trans-Mongolian railway.

We have had people come up to us in the street, touching us, holding hands. Police and paramilitaries cleared the side-roads of crowds in between the bursts of fireworks that marked the beginning and end of the opening ceremony.

Good old country people pride is stronger

There had been small protests by foreign human rights activists on the square the previous day.I am an American citizen (born & raised here) and absolutely love my country and everything we stand for.

However, we do have problems. So does every country in this world. The problem is that I tend to regard good-pride as too much already. I reject it as unspiritual.

This bars any possibility of satisfaction in my life, and also I don't know many things I ought to be satisfied about. Riots erupted in Kasur on Wednesday as residents agitated against perceived police inaction over the rape and murder of a 7-year-old resident of the city.

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Can pride ever be considered 'Good'?

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At the end of the story, Joy-Hulga is . English and regional pride are far stronger outside of London (Photo: Getty) are far more proud of their region than people in the rest of the country.

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