How to write an essay in 25 minutes to go johnny

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How to write an essay in 25 minutes to go johnny

In April of for this essay on crossword puzzles I wrote a small spreadsheet to track my daily times. You may download it -- for free, of course -- to track your own. All you do is enter your times and the spreadsheet automatically updates you, on a Monday through Sunday basis, with your three best times, your three worst, and your average, as well as the standard deviation of times for each day and some other statistics.

I myself record the times originally on a piece of paper in my clipboard immediately after I finish each puzzle, and every so often I transcribe the data into the spreadsheet. I've tried to make the data-entry part as quick and painless and unscrewuppable as possible.

To learn more about this spreadsheet, which is written in Excel and no doubt can be read by or converted to other formats, just. Update of May The spreadsheet now also contains a sheet that allows you to chart your times, to see whether you're getting faster or slower.

You can see and read a little about the chart of my times here.

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Anyway, I regard finishing fast as being almost as desirable as finishing at all. I think in formal speed-solving contests they let you leave cells blank or get letters wrong and then penalize you severely for it.

I've heard that the penalty is this: For each wrong cell they whomp you once upside the head with a warm walleye, and for each blank cell they use an outright carp.

how to write an essay in 25 minutes to go johnny

Time allotments are usually 15 minutes for 15x, 25 minutes for 17x, 30 minutes for 19x, and 45 minutes for 21x ]. The bonus is reduced by 25 points for each letter that is omitted or entered incorrectly up to but not beyond the point the bonus returns to zero.

So, for example, if it's a 15 X 15 puzzle with 70 answers and you get them all right in 12 minutes, that'd be points for the 70 correct answers, plus 75 bonus points for finishing three minutes under the limit, plus additional bonus points for getting the complete, correct solution, for a total of points.

Just so you'll know, there are people who can solve a NYT crossword in two minutes. However, if there's just one cell wrong or blank in that same 12 minutes your score would be points plus 50 bonus points for finishing three minutes early, or only points total.

So, apparently it doesn't involve being struck with any species of fish whatsoever. Martin's Press, the introduction by Will Shortz is based in part on the table of my solving times shown above. Also, the URL given therein for my crossword essay was out of date.

As I said, some of the tips that follow might seem like overkill to the novice, and it's probably those very tips whose purpose is to promote speed, not accuracy. I do hereby note a significant drawback to trying to play fast, which is that you can't take the time to wallow luxuriously and languidly in all the information to be found in your reference works.

If you don't feel pressured to finish fast, you may spend a few extra seconds or minutes or weeks reading about something that has caught your interest's eye.Jul 30,  · In order to get a good idea of the kind of essay you should write (and to be reassured that it is completely doable within 25 minutes), check out the scored sample essays on .

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The reliability of Wikipedia (predominantly of the English-language edition) has been frequently questioned and often reliability has been tested statistically, through comparative review, analysis of the historical patterns, and strengths and weaknesses inherent in the editing process unique to Wikipedia.

Incidents of conflicted editing, and the use of Wikipedia for 'revenge. Read the Text (25 minutes) a. Read and Annotate (RL, 6).

Ask students to read the introduction and an essay on The Outsiders. Walk students through the expectations of basic 5-paragraph essay writing. i. First, have students individually develop thesis statement ideas.

how to write an essay in 25 minutes to go johnny

If you were to go back and write this essay again, what would.

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