Prawn business plan

Data was additionally collected from retailers, customers and wholesalers operating within the Bangkok area.

Prawn business plan

Dec 16, Hailing from the Konkan region, year-old Sumedh Sawant has always shared the local fondness for seafood.

Sawant lost his father while pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree, so he picked up a job at Hindalco immediately after graduation to support his family. Inas the financial condition of his family improved, the then year-old revisited his childhood dream of turning entrepreneur.

By now, the duo had not only gathered valuable experience, but also the confidence to start their own business. The next months went into looking for a plot of land, registering the business, and taking necessary permissions. The founders finalised a seven-acre farm in Raigad.

prawn business plan

Finally, in FebruaryVarun Aqua was born. The bank loan was deployed to set up infrastructure, such as fish ponds and machines. We had six employees and the turnover in the first year of operations was around Rs 18 lakh.

The biggest challenge was sourcing raw material. The company faced a major loss during the floods in July Three years on, it was time for a change.

prawn business plan

The partnership was dissolved and the business was sold for Rs 25 lakh in He and Pathak found a cheaper, better location for their new venture, Acqa Miracles.

However, the business has slowed down in the past couple of years. So, inSawant and Pathak decided to foray into the world of consultancy.

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In the near future, Sawant hopes to venture into categories like crab culture.For prawns, an export business tax of % of the F.O.B. value will be assessed. In addition, 10% of the assessed business tax amount will be added for municipal taxes. Briefly, the Japan standard for Shrimp and Prawns is a ten point plan which is applied to deep-frozen or quick frozen products.

Of the ten requirements, two involve elements. So I approached my friend’s uncle, who owned a prawn farming business,” he says. While Sawant wasn’t paid anything, he was allowed to invest some money and enjoy the returns.

“I resigned from my job in February and invested my entire savings of nearly Rs 1 lakh. Aquaculture Industry Support and Technology Transfer. Issue: Agricultural Profitability and Sustainability Business plan development for new aquaculture enterprises; Aquaculture Industry Support and Technology Transfer Extension Feeding Strategy for Catfish Production Management of Catfish During Troubled Times.

Starting a Shrimp Farm – Sample Business Plan Template 1.

A Sample Prawn Farming Business Plan Template

Get the Right Location -: In choosing a location to start your shrimp business, the first rule is that you must consider some factors like proximity to a shrimp hatchery, closeness to water supply, and closeness to your target market if .

Mar 22,  · This is a 3D animation of a prawn farming model. Sample Fish Farming Business Plan Template PDF If you are looking for a sample fish farming business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a fish farm Freshwater prawn farming - Wikipedia A freshwater prawn farm is an aquaculture business designed to raise and produce freshwater prawns or shrimp 1 for human consumption.

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