The inception of the airbags and an argument that airbags can kill

There's no doubt that airbags are one of the great achievements in automotive safety technology. But could they actually end up hurting or killing the people they're supposed to protect? Instead of colliding with your car 's steering wheel, dashboard or door, you get cushioned by a pillow of air.

The inception of the airbags and an argument that airbags can kill

By Mary Grady January 12, Back when I was first starting out, I spent some time at a local airport and wrote a newspaper profile about a small airline based there. The day the story came out, an airplane crash at the field took the life of a local pilot, a young guy who crashed on takeoff, and died when his head hit the control panel.

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I thought of that again the other day when the NTSB made its push for airbags in GA airplanes -- I don't doubt that an airbag could have saved that guy, and probably even a shoulder harness would have done the trick.

Most pilots can probably think of similar incidents. The NTSB analysis showed that just replacing a lap belt with a shoulder harness can reduce the chance of serious injury or death in an accident by 50 percent.

I can understand the resistance to being forced to spend money on an airplane, but this seems like a no-brainer to me -- all seats should have shoulder harnesses, and all new airplanes should have airbags, too.

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In the overall scheme of things, it seems a reasonable expense with a worthwhile return.Nov 26,  · The air bag is a product you want to buy and never see.

You don't want to think about it. You just want to know it's there to protect you when you drive.

The inception of the airbags and an argument that airbags can kill

If you're getting ready to dump your air bags, keep reading. The government estimates that as of November , air bags had saved the lives of a net of 1, drivers and passengers (that's people saved minus people killed).

The inception of the airbags and an argument that airbags can kill

Like the much smaller death toll, "life toll" is rapidly increasing as more cars carry dual air bags. The term “airbag” itself is misleading since there’s no significant “air” in these cushions. They are, instead, shaped and vented nylon-fabric pillows that fill, when deployed, with.

The motion was filed by attorneys for the former Minneapolis police officer, who is charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in. Australia still has a massive problem with deadly car airbags.

In the past 12 months, only million faulty Takata airbags have been replaced in around , vehicles. Potentially lethal exploding airbags could still be in more than million Australian cars, according to a new investigation, despite compulsory recall notice issued by the ACCC earlier this year.

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