Uncovering the purpose of the stonehenge sculptures

From boom to bust and back again, Astoria appeals as gateway to the Oregon coast Founded a little over years ago as America's first settlement in the West, this port city finds itself buoyed these days by a tourist-fueled revival. Yet history lingers here, palpable and powerful, just a two-hour drive from the state's metropolitan center of Portland. Their warehouses in Virginia have become bucket-list destinations for fans of "Salvage Dawgs. A guide to Portland, beyond the birds and beards Portland may have a reputation for putting birds on things and performative quirkiness, but, as with most things, the reality is a lot more complicated.

Uncovering the purpose of the stonehenge sculptures

This would enable the current point of the annual cycle of seasons to be established and the expected weather to be forecast. At the time of writing, although evidence is shown, irrefutable proof not yet available - but is being sought. Some wheat and barley cultivation. Note, the above dates are given as approximate, as dates are assumed from the presences of organic material.

Note, the breeding of goats, pigs, and cattle is not considered above, only that of sheep. In addition, regular market fairs would need to be held so all those needing to trade could do so.

Spring, midsummer, autumn, and midwinter would be sensible and practical times to enable those with surpluses and deficiencies to trade and balance their resources. The above activities are very much effected and dictated by the seasons of the annual cycle.

Unfortunately the daily weather in Britain can be a very unreliable guide as to forecasting the current and future seasons and expected weather.

Hunger appears to be part of their lives.


When thinking about the practical application of historical artefacts it should be considered as to what was important at the time of their build.

Recorded history shows a state of continuous struggle to maintain a reliable source of food, with regular famines, and the struggle getting harder as history goes back in time.

Uncovering the purpose of the stonehenge sculptures

Records also show a state of almost continuous warfare and battles, and the need for fortifications and defence. Nomads tended to use mobile hit and run tactics, while the settled farmers built static forts, as illustrated by the North American nomadic Indian warfare with the European farming settlers in the 17th and 18th century.

The hill forts of Britain could be an indication of developing farming settlements that needed the protection of a warrior group and a place of safety if attacked by the nomadic tribes. I had to do this as part of my basic training in the army and have never forgotten the overriding obsession I had with food after 24 hours.

I could literally think of nothing else! For an understanding of the life of nomadic tribes, read the real life experiences of Mary Rowlandson.

She was taken captive by nomadic native American Indians before western culture changed their life style and subsequently wrote an account of them. For photographs of the apparent hardness of life of a nomadic stone age culture please refer to Figures 3.

Evidence of a hard life with hunger and war? This appears to be mid-summer and they appear well fed and healthy. But of course the people still managed to survive and even enjoy their lives when times were good.Articles Introduction by Graham Hancock.

I don’t want benjaminpohle.com to be exclusively a Graham Hancock site, but a place where ideas and perspectives on the past can be put forward and discussed by other writers and researchers as well — and indeed by anyone with something interesting to say and the ability to say it.

Other theories about the purpose of Stonehenge: some say it was designed as a celestial observatory to allow the prediction of eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, and other celestial events that were significant to the ancient people of that place. Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more.

See world news photos and videos at benjaminpohle.com Leavenworth it? Assessing 2 new spots in the Pacific Northwest's little Bavaria. Leavenworth is a trip.

Nestled against the far side of the Cascade mountains just a few hours east of Seattle, this. Archaeology had its start in the European study of history and in people who were interested in the past. King Nabonidus (– BCE), the last king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, was interested in the past so he could align himself with past benjaminpohle.com led a revitalization movement and rebuilt ancient temples.

There are a few Stonehenge-like sculptures and fountains scattered around the cities of the world, but we hadn’t heard of this one until Mr. Dean Travchav Phillips posted it in the Clonehenge Facebook benjaminpohle.com find, we must say!

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