What to write after a bad interview

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What to write after a bad interview

Joyce 5 Comments Recently, a job seeker commented that she had really messed up a very important interview, and she wanted to know if she could recover. Some things are definitely not recoverable bad-mouthing a previous employer, answering your cell phone during the interview, dressing very inappropriately, using bad language, etc.

Do try to correct what ever was wrong. This requires finesse, but it can be done. Because it may take a while to discover whether or not this particular situation really is doomed, do these 5 things: Send your thank you, as usual, and use the thank you to launch your recovery.

If you did not answer a question well, answer it better in your thank you.

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Smith by the wrong name, be sure to use his correct name in the thank you. Brown rather than Mr. If you forgot to hand them your list of references, send it along with the thank you. If you have already sent your thank you but did not use it for damage control, try a follow up message which attempts damage control.

Simply correct the situation still without admitting any specific mistake.

what to write after a bad interview

Smith, forecasting has become more scientific. The interview is over. You did what you could to recover the situation, and you need to move on.

Your damage control may, or may not, have worked. Time to put the situation behind you so you can be confident going to your next interview. Think about what went wrong, and see if you can figure out why it happened.

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Were you too tired? Were you distracted by something else going on? Were you not well-enough prepared? Was it a group interview and too many questions were being asked at the same time?

Did something or someone surprise you? If so, why and how? Develop a strategy for handling this kind of situation the next time you run into it. Whatever the situation, try to develop a strategy to better handle it — if it occurs again.

What could you have done differently?

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How can you do better next time? Maybe even do some research. For example, if you did not answer a question well, write down the question. Perhaps you could do some research on what the answer should have been so you can be well-prepared if it is asked again.

what to write after a bad interview

Or, perhaps you interviewed with a new kind of employer, a different industry or larger or smaller than your previous employer. Things can be quite different for the same profession or job function in different industries.

And a large employer often does things quite differently than a small employer. Keep looking for a job.And sending a post-rejection follow-up letter sure couldn't hurt, either.

Take this next step Funny how what you do after the interview can have as much consequence as what you say and do during the interview. If, after considering these questions, you determine you have a short—but absolutely essential—piece of information to share, move on to your plan of action. Step 3: Fix It Gracefully.

The smoothest way to approach an interview blunder is a short comment (not an apology) in your thank you note. Jun 23,  · Solution: In your follow-up email, tell the interviewer that upon thinking about that question after the interview, you would like a chance to give a more articulate answer.

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